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Meet the BOSS

I am Stacy Marshay Fleming! I was born and raised in Southwest Atlanta, Ga. I am currently a 23 year old Flight Attendant, with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

StaceBasedTings has been of existence since June, 2017. My business originated in braid styles. I then began hand making a variety of products, such as custom Dad Caps, Fur Slides, and Bedazzled slides. I wanted to expand my services and venture off into other products of interest, so I came up with the Lucky 7 Lashes collection. This consisted of Mink Strips Lashes of all types, that were always $7 per pair. As my love for fashion grew, September 26, 2020 marked the beginning of new and improved! Stace Based Tings now offers more diversity in products, while simultaneously offering a sense of style, taste, and uniqueness through fashion. Lashes, Purses, Shoes, Tops, Rompers, Bottoms, Outerwear, Shades, Jumpsuits, Hair Accessories, you name it! And guess what else, it’s ALL affordable! 

Thank YOU for visiting Stace Based Tings. Happy shopping!✨