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It all started when one day(June 2017) I wanted my hair done, but couldn’t do so because I didn’t have enough funds. No one wanted to pay for my braids, but I was extremely determined to get my hair done. That resulted in me doing my own braids, which came out pretty good! While looking for other things to hand make, I turned braiding into my hustle. Stace Based Tings was a name that stuck with me, especially since I was already providing different services. This company began with a variety of services specifically for young women, along with a few exclusives for men too! Services ranged from braids styles, custom dad hats, custom fur slides, custom bedazzled slides, and a variety of mink strip lashes. September 26, 2020 marks the beginning of new and improved! Stace Based Tings now offers you all more diversity in products, while simultaneously offering a sense of style, taste, and uniqueness through fashion. Guess what else, it’s ALL affordable! 

Meet the CEO 

I am Stacy Fleming. I was born and raised in Southwest Atlanta. I am a 21 year old senior in college. I am currently studying Criminal Justice at Fort Valley State University. I enjoy helping people, cooking, doing puzzles, and anything that involves music! I hope to one day be as big as my favorite store, Fashion Nova, and other well known designers. Join me as we advance through my journey of greatness!